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I've been obsessed with artificial intelligence ever since I can remember.I guess some of us want to create that controlled environment. :-) I have completed advanced studies in AI (Embodied intelligence - [6.836] 1999) . at MIT covering Humanoid Robotics, Cognitive Robotics and Embodied intelligence. [1] [2][3]

I was fortunate to be a student of Rodney Brooks: Fujitsu Professor of Computer Science and Engineering (EECS Dept), and Director of the Artificial Intelligence Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Rodney has turned the fields of AI on its head by introducing the behavior-based approach to robotics. His new book (Cambrian Intelligence) published [1999] (MIT PRESS), so if you are a fan of AI, you should go and get yourself a copy. This section of my web-site is dedicated to my teacher Rodney Brooks. To a great professor, a pioneer of AI, and a legend. Thanks Rodney!

a clip of Rodney from the movie "Fast, Cheap and Out of Control"
a list of some of his projects

download and read some of his papers

a listing of his published papers

Pictures at MIT
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Rodney Brooks Books (Flesh and Machines)

Rodney Brooks Company (Heartland Robotics)